Our Story

We are a team of qualified and experienced educators who are passionate about educating and caring for children. Our centre has been designed to engage young children with indoor learning spaces and outdoor areas that will captivate your child’s imagination and support their growth and development.

At Little Explorers Early Learning Centre, Blacktown, we are committed to creating genuine and caring relationships with every family member, ensuring the educational success and well-being of each child.

Why Choose Us

We respect each child’s individual learning style, abilities, interests, culture and family background. Our highly trained teachers design programs that nurture imagination, extend interests, foster creativity, develop competencies, gain empathy and incorporate cultural and self- awareness preparing them for school and for life.

At Little Explorers  Early Learning Centre, Blacktown, we strive to meet all the possible needs of the children in our care. We aim to achieve this by providing a caring, secure, warm, joyous and stimulating learning environment while maintaining the highest standards of early childhood education and development.

We work towards making our Centre feel like an extension of family. Through timely communication and regular events, we foster trust, friendship and community between our directors, caregivers, parents and children. We believe a child’s learning should be supported and motivated through positive interactions and discussions with the child’s family on a regular basis. We encourage parents/caregivers to visit our Centre. We listen to understand your needs and believe in open communication. Your child is the centre of everything we do. Your child comes first, and we want to empower them to reach their full potential through a passion for learning.


Our mission is to provide an environment to support the holistic growth of your child; primarily focusing on the social, physical, emotional and cognitive development in the care and guidance of our highly trained professionals.


Little Explorers Early Learning Centre, Blacktown, is driven by the vision of providing high quality education and childcare in a warm, safe, respectful and inclusive environment that inspires kids, educators and families to work together in a genuine partnership that builds a foundation of lifelong learning. We aim to create a community where all children feel loved, respected, supported and encouraged to realise their full potential regardless of race, gender, age, ability, social status or family structure.