At Little Explorers Early Learning Centre, Blacktown, we strongly value and respect children’s cultural and religious backgrounds and believe that everyone should be treated with equity, regardless of gender, culture, religion, or ability. We respect the culture of all people and believe in celebrating all cultures including Australia as our home country and Dharuk people as the original custodians of our land. We uphold the right of all children to have their culture, identity, strengths, and weaknesses acknowledged and valued.

We believe Families are the most important influence in a child’s life and are viewed as our primary information source. This knowledge is how we have built a “Family Like” environment here at the centre. We believe that positive relationships and interactions are fundamental for children to reach their full potential. We understand every family and child is unique and recognise the need for children to develop an understanding and respect for themselves and others. We aim to create respectful and collaborative partnerships with our families to ensure that the children’s needs are fulfilled and assists them to reach their full potential.

We believe as educators our role is to provide a safe, stimulating responsive environment where positive guidance and encouragement supports each child’s development and independence. We respect and value the knowledge and commitment of our Educators and fully support ongoing professional development and reflective practice.

We believe Children should have opportunities to develop a sense of agency by being able to make choices and decisions to influence events and have an impact on their world. We appreciate, care, and respect our natural environment and believe in supporting children’s learning with a focus around nature and sustainable concepts.

We believe children have a right to feel safe, secure, and supported and to develop a sense of belonging. We understand learning can happen anywhere any time which is why we ensure that experiences and resources are flexible and open ended.