Our Programs

At Little Explorers Early Learning Centre, Blacktown, we work within the Australian Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and the National Quality Standards (NQS), to ensure that each and every child in our care has an equal opportunity to develop into a strong, capable and independent adult.

Explore our rooms to discover the creative and fun opportunities our children enjoy feeling engaged andfulfilled exploring and learning throughout each day!

Our Rooms


(2 to 3 years)


(3 to 5 years)


Our Toddler Curriculum has been expertly designed and guided by the Early Years Learning Framework to encourage younger children to explore, solve problems, create, construct and interact with other children.

Growing toddlers require help navigating boundaries in a safe and fun environment. Having the opportunity to develop friendships and socialise with others is a big focus in this room. The program is designed to stimulate and challenge toddlers, so they are confidently supported in their explorations and risk taking and become more independent to make connections with others.

What we offer

READING: By consistently reading books to children in our care, our educators ensure to impart a positive effect on their schooling outcomes and significantly improve language, literacy, numeracy and cognition skills later in life.

OUTDOOR SPACE: At Little Explorers Early Learning Centre, Blacktown, we provide natural outdoor spaces for young, curious minds to investigate, explore and learn. Our consciously designed outdoor equipment helps children develop gross motor skills and supports their physical development.

ROUTINE: Our educators maintain a regular routine in the Toddler Room, with a focus on encouraging self-help skills such as toilet training and self-feeding. We carefully plan for a supportive environment that invites active, play-based learning with open-ended materials and experiences where toddlers can discover their world capably, safely, and independently.

CREATIVITY: Children are given the opportunity for creative freedom and expression through roleplayingand creative arts.

INDIVIDUAL PORTFOLIO: We provide each child with an exceptional and individualised learning experience. We also document this journey and share it with you.


Our school readiness program helps children build and extend their language, literacy and numeracy skills, learn to be creative, and build their independence, so they can enter ‘big school’ with confidence. Our program is based on well-researched learning experiences and complements the national Early Years Learning Framework.

At this stage, the imagination of children is bursting, and this is where we often see role-playing become more innovative. As educators, we look for teachable moments and happily encourage the ‘why’ questions. We tailor our program to support children’s enquiry and inspire their minds to open and absorb information that comes their way. We simply love the personalities that fill our rooms each day.

What we offer

PLAY: Evidence-based research shows that preschoolers learn best through play. We promote learning through a holistic, play-based approach based on teaching intentions and goals. Our teachers embed elements of teaching and learning into all play experience children participate in, through both structured and unstructured learning.

ADVANCED LITERACY AND NUMERACY: We explore more advanced literacy and numeracy experiences and help build each child’s confidence in recognizing things such as letters, numbers and colors in their environment.

MOTOR SKILLS: Large motor activities along with small muscle strength build fine-motor skills and healthy bodies. Intentional activities to develop children’s foundation strength and dexterity skills for school such as cutting, writing and holding a pencil are incorporated in the program.

COMMUNICATION SKILLS: The preschool years are critical for language, literacy and a love of reading. Together with fostering verbal communication, reading and writing continue to develop through creative journaling and a classroom filled with labeled items expanding their vocabulary.

GROUP ACTIVITIES: We encourage children to learn through a combination of child-directed learning, small group educator-guided sessions and brief large-group sessions. Kindergarten readiness is also fostered with a focus on effective communication, the ability to follow instruction, and work cooperatively with peers.

INDEPENDENCE: Families can expect a range of Centre initiatives that build a child’s school readiness such as ‘lunch box’ days to build a child’s independent skills.

INDIVIDUAL PORTFOLIO: We provide each child with an exceptional and individualised learning experience.We also document this journey and share it with you.Through maintaining individual journey portfolios for each child, we give families an opportunity to share, discuss and participate in the elements of their child’s day and education.

Role of Educators

Little Explorers Early Learning Centre, Blacktown, offers distinct advantages to children and parents. Teachers enjoy the freedom to spend more time with children, addressing their individual needs and teaching beyond the basics. is possible. All our rooms are staffed as required by the New South Wales Children’s Services Regulations. The staff: child ratios are

  • 1 educator to 5 children – in respect of all children who are 2 or more years of age but under the age of 3 years.
  • 1 educator to 10 children – in respect of all children who are 3 years or more of age but under the age of 5 years or school age.

Parents Involvement in Our Program

A crucial part of early learning and development is relationships and particularly within families. We welcome family input into our planning, as we understand a collaborative approach to learning provides the best possible outcomes for the children. We appreciate your feedback and suggestions in our program to help us gain an insight into the effect of the program on your child. We have an open-door policy and parents/carers are welcome at any time. If you would like to be involved through volunteering on special occasions, sharing your special skills and interests, please speak to the room staff so they can plan for your visit.


Hours of Operation

At Little Explorers (Blacktown), we are open from 7 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday, 50 weeks of the year. We are closed on public holidays and for 2 weeks over the Christmas / New Year period.

Meals and Menus

We are a nut-free and egg-free centre. We provide nutritionally balanced meals throughout the day. These are prepared fresh, on the premises daily by a qualified and experienced cook. Our menu includes 5 meals Breakfast, Morning Tea, Lunch Afternoon Tea, and late afternoon snack which have been planned and developed to incorporate a variety of seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables as well as dairy and meats.


Fees must be paid either weekly or fortnightly. A receipt will be issued for all the fees. A cash receipt willbe given when your payment is made for both EFT and cash payments. A refundable bond of $200 is payable on enrolment. This bond will be put towards your last two weeks’ fees when notice of withdrawal is received.

Fees Include:

  • Meals prepared fresh daily
  • All resources
  • Portfolio
  • Hats and Sunscreen

Child Care Benefit & Child Care RebateFees and Child Care Subsidy

All families need to register for CCS (Child Care Subsidy) before their child begins childcare to ensure their subsidy is in place when attendance begins. All families need to register for CCS (Child Care Subsidy) before their child begins childcare to ensure their subsidy is in place when attendance begins. The amount that each family pays for childcare at Little Explorers, Blacktown, is determined by the level of CCS that has been calculated through Centrelink.

Childcare subsidy is paid directly to the centre to reduce the fees you pay. To be eligible you or your partner must meet all of the following:

  • Be liable for fees for care provided at an approved childcare service
  • Meet the residency rules
  • Your child must also meet immunisation requirements and their immunisation must be up to date.

Childcare subsidy is calculated based on

  1. Your combined family income
  2. Your level of activity (work, study, voluntary work, or looking for work)

What to bring along to Little Explorers Early Learning Centre?

  • A school bag with a water bottle
  • A spare change of clothes
  • Nappies for children who are not toilet trained
  • A cot sheet and a light blanket
  • All children are advised to wear a shirt that provides sun protection for their shoulders and upper arms
  • Please dress children in clothing that is easy to manage to encourage independent dressing